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Living on the Edge-"Creating the Life You Deserve!"-Podcast


"Your ultimate goal in life is to become Your best self.  Your immediate goal is to get on the path that will lead you there. Why should You feel guilty if You refuse to be intimidated by (someone) who persists in standing in the way of Your being the best self or who is "hurt" when you finally manage it?

The highest love a person can have for You is to wish You to evolve into the best person You can be. No one owns You, no matter what your relationship.  You are not here on this earth to fulfill the unmet dreams of a frustrated parent or protect another person from facing the reality of himself or the world.  You are here to develop and grow, to do Your share to make the "outside" world a better place to live, to make the immediate world in which You live, the world that is You, as honest and as true to Your feelings as you possibly can."

All of it Starts With You.

Even if you're a first-time entrepreneur, you undoubtedly already have a concept of what success looks like. Even if it's hidden deep within you and only emerges when you allow yourself to dream, it's vital nonetheless.

Without a clear vision of success, it's impossible to know when you've arrived. When it comes to making plans, how do you know what will happen? If you're not sure whether you're moving forward or not, how do you know?

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